Overcoming Fear, Overcoming Injuries.

Guess what? I’m injury free!!! You already know (if you’ve read previous blogs) that I’ve had back injuries, which I’ve overcome by doing lot’s of yoga for several years. These include Scoliosis and APT. But, I’ve also had a hamstring injury. It has been bothering me for one year give or take. It has been nearly healed, only to re-injure over and over again. I … Continue reading Overcoming Fear, Overcoming Injuries.

Stepping back from my practice.

People who have read my earlier blogs, or know me in person, know that one of my passions is the Ashtanga Yoga System. I looove the Ashtanga practice. My Ashtanga journey anyways, has been one of frustration. I didn’t get anywhere with my back stiffness and my hamstring would get worse each time I practiced. I realized I had to take a break from the … Continue reading Stepping back from my practice.

Personal update: A yogi in Arendal

Woho! I’m now officially a yogi in Arendal. I recently moved from Oslo where I’ve been living for the last five or so years. I was more than ready to move. I didn’t like to live in Oslo, and I didn’t like my apartment as it was super drafty and that combined with Norwegian winters was just not my style. Moving is one of the things … Continue reading Personal update: A yogi in Arendal

Choosing my spiritual practice and committing to it.

Like any person on the planet, I’ve had my share of pain and suffering. As only suffering can do, It made me wish for a really great life, liberated from the struggle of everyday life. I wanted to have fun, to be happy and feel loved and supported. It directed me on the path of my life towards these desires, and it also made me … Continue reading Choosing my spiritual practice and committing to it.